The Community Service Center is a great place to get involved.  Often we do not have enough sworn officers to respond to all community events, but with our volunteers and members of the community, we can make an even bigger impact in our City. Keep up the great work and contact us to GET INVOLVED! (916) 478-8100 or [email protected].

Some Programs handled through the Service Center:


Crime Prevention and Safety Presentations

All members of the Crime Prevention staff routinely make presentations to various groups regarding the prevention of crime victimization. Topics are varied and formatted for the particular group being addressed, including but not limited to: Home Safety, Personal Safety, Narcotics, Gangs, Business Security, and Rape Awareness.

Neighborhood and Business Watch

Neighborhood and Business Watch groups are formed through two meetings. The focus of the first meeting is to get the group organized. People are educated on the concept of Neighborhood Watch and how to create a successful group. After creation they continue to meet with the Crime Prevention Specialist to learn about crime prevention techniques. The Neighborhood Watch Program provides intensive crime prevention education to the community and establishes a communication system between these groups and the Police Department. The objective of this program is to deter and reduce criminal activity on a residential block. Each block will be organized by a Neighborhood Coordinator. Neighbors alert each other of possible criminal activities on their block. Unreported suspicious activity can be channeled to the local Police Community Service Center for correlations on crime activity. Suspicious subjects and vehicle information will be computerized with known criminal activity to further our effort. Also see Neighborhood Watch Program.  

Apartment Watch

Apartment Watch helps residents become acquainted with each other to increase the likelihood that they will report crime and practice good crime prevention techniques as a team. This program is designed to encourage a neighborhood atmosphere where residents realize the benefits of looking out for each other and working with law enforcement. The initial meeting is held at the complex with the apartment manager present.

Park Watch

Park Watch is a crime prevention program, run by the Cosumnes Services District with support from EGPD’s Crime Prevention Unit, which enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to improve the quality of life in their community and parks. The goal is to reduce opportunities for crime by looking out for neighbors and their parks and acting as extra eyes and ears for law enforcement.

C.P.T.E.D. (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

The objective of C.P.T.E.D. is to encourage proper design and effective use of the built environment to lead to a reduction of fear and incidence of crime. This program also aims to create a safer community and enhance the quality of life. Key concepts include natural surveillance, natural access control, and territorial reinforcements. Lighting and landscaping also play an important role.

Giant Pumpkin Festival, Western Festival, and Salute to Red, White, and Blue

EGPD has a strong presence at these events. Volunteers hand out safety information, fingerprint kids and provide a place to have questions answered.  During the Red, White and Blue Event on July 4th, EGPD provides traffic and crowd control to protect all of our citizens.  The Western Festival, held in May is a big crowd pleasure with our Motor Officers, Chief and Assistant Chief riding in the parade.  We also have booths at the Giant Pumpkin Festival in October at Elk Grove Regional Park to help educate the public about law enforcement.

Kids Safety Fair

The Kids Care Safety Fair is an annual event aimed at providing parents with a current photograph and fingerprint record of their child which can be used by the Police Department for identification if the child is missing or abducted. The theme of the Fair is directly related to Red Ribbon Week which delivers the Drug and Alcohol Free message to children. Volunteers from the Service Center perform the fingerprinting.

Safety Town Program

The objective of the Safety Town Program is to teach children who are entering kindergarten the important concepts of safety. The children practice and experience a variety of situations so that they can respond decisively when confronting those same situations in real life. The subject of safety is combined with crafts, songs, and fun activities. Under the guidance of Safety Town staff, volunteer youth instructors, and a credentialed teacher, the children practice and experience their lessons in Safety Town, a miniature city layout built to the scale of a small child. The goal of Safety Town is to reduce accidental injuries and deaths of children through this two week summer camp education program.

National Night Out

National Night Out is held the first Tuesday evening of every August. The day is predetermined by the National Association of Town Watches. Residents are encouraged to turn on their porch lights, lock their doors, and spend their evening outside socializing with their neighbors. The Crime Prevention Specialists promote this day as a chance for people to "take back" their neighborhoods. The Police Department supports the event by visiting the neighborhood events which range from meetings to block parties.

Toy Project

The Crime Prevention Department collects and distributes toys at Christmas time to predetermined needy families. During the December 2012 Toy Drive, 182 needy families in the Elk Grove/Laguna area received toys. The EGPD volunteers along with Cosumnes and Wilton Fire Departments delivered the toys.

If you would like any further information regarding any of the programs please contact our Crime Prevention Team at 478-8122 or [email protected].