Victim Resources

Local Agencies

Agency Phone Number Websites
Sacramento County District Attorney's Office 916-874-6218 
Victim Witness Assistance Program 916-874-5701
Homicide Support Network 916-874-5701
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) 916-481-6233
Sacramento County Auto Theft Task Force 916-875-5388
VINE (Victim Information Notification Everyday) 1-800-491-3064
WEAVE (Women Escaping A Violent Environment) 916-920-2952
Legal Services of Northern California 916-551-2150
Adult Protective Services 916-874-9377
Adult Access Team (Mental Health) 916-875-1055
Volunteers in Victim Assistance (VIVA) 916-570-1690
WIND Youth Services 916-570-1690
Loaves & Fishes 916-446-0874 
Primary Care Center 916-446-0874 
Family Law Courts 916-875-3400
I-CAN Foundation 916-273-3603
Lao Family Community Development Inc.  916-393-7501
Nor Cal Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing TTY/V 510-267-8800 [email protected]
My Sister's House (Multilingual Domestic Violence Shelter 916-428-3271

State Agencies

Agency Phone Number Websites
Mc George School of Law-victim services 1-800-VICTIMS
CA Dept of Alcohol and Drug Programs
CA Dept of Corrections - Victims Services 1-877-256-6877
CA Dept of Youth Authority
CA Family Violence Referral Directory
CA Mentor Foundation
Federal Trade Commission-ID Theft Information
Resources for Youth
Safe at Home (confidential address program)

National Agencies

Agency Phone Number Websites
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 1-800-THE-LOST
National Center for Victims of Crime 202-467-8700
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 303-839-1852
National Crime Prevention Council 202-466-6272
National Criminal Justice Reference Service 800-851-3420
National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-SAFE
National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA) 800-TRY-NOVA
Parents of Murdered Children (POMC) 513-721-5683