Request for Police Event Participation

Request for Elk Grove Police Event Participation
Request for Event Participation
Name of event:
Name of contact person: 
Date of Event:
Time of Event (Start time/End Time):
Brief summary of the event:
Location of event: 
Is the event indoors /or outdoors?
What is the contingency plan for inclement weather?

Type of organization hosting the event:

 Non-Profit Agency



 Public Agency

 Private Company

 Sports Team


 Citizen/Community Group

 Neighborhood Watch


Estimated attendance: 
Is the event open to public or specific guests? 
Is there an admission fee? 
Requested personnel / equipment / services from the Police Department: 

What will be provided to the Police Department?:



 Pop up / Shade





Are other agencies participating? 
Any other relevant information: 

Security Measure